Mission und Markenwerte

Our mission:

Skinineered Cosmetics wants people to make informed and empowered decisions about their skin care. Both newbies and skintellectuals. To do this, we convey scientific topics beyond the product in an understandable manner at eye level.

We want to combine cosmetic elegance, effectiveness and suitability for everyday use. A daily booster for slowest aging should become a priority in the morning routine.

To the UVA booster

    Clearly against chemophobia & misleading marketing. No competition bashing, no “free-from claims”.


    For evidence based formulated & effective skin care. Modern organic UV filters.


    Scientifically based knowledge & education. Continuously understanding skin care together.


    Skin care as self-love and appreciation.


    Normalize UV(A) protection with pleasant textures. Form effective routines and habits...