How to Skincare

Most people can achieve a lot in skin care with just a few basics. The 3 essential steps of a routine are:

  • richtige gesichtspflege routine

    Mild cleaning

    Whether gel, foam or balm - it depends on your preference. An oil-based cleanser in the evening is often helpful to gently remove make-up and sunscreen. Cleaning better does not mean cleaning harder! A cleanser should not irritate or dry out your skin.

  • beauty routine hydration


    Sufficient moisture is an essential component of an intact skin barrier. Oily skin can also lack moisture (dehydrate). Dry skin usually prefers rich creams, while oily skin often needs a light gel.

  • sonnencreme mit hohem uva schutz

    Sun protection

    The WHO recommends sun protection with a UV index of 3 or more to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. In addition, sun protection has many advantages in everyday life. The most important criterion is a pleasant feeling on the skin. Because the best SPF is the one you like to wear regularly.

When which product?

Morning: sun protection

In the evening: mild cleansing & moisturizing

Everything else is optional. Try out whether it feels even better for your skin, for example by additionally cleansing in the morning and/or wearing a cream under sun protection. In addition, other products (e.g. a serum) can be used to specifically address personal skin needs. SKINGINEERED already has products in development for this!

seidige Tagespflege

Application UVA booster

Every morning as the last step before make-up.

If exposed to the sun, apply at least one full pump to the face. The stroke volume is 0.8 ml.

Normal to oily skin: The UVA booster can be used as a standalone product in the morning.

Dry skin: We recommend applying a moisturizer before using the UVA booster.

Dehydrated skin: We recommend applying a moisturizing serum before the UVA booster.

Example routine: 1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Vitamin C serum 4. UVA booster

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