How to Skincare

Most people can achieve a lot in skin care with just a few basics. The 3 essential steps of a routine are:

  • Mild cleaning

    Whether gel, foam or balm - it depends on your preference. An oil-based cleanser in the evening is often helpful to gently remove make-up and sunscreen. Cleaning better does not mean cleaning harder! A cleanser should not irritate or dry out your skin.

  • Moisturizer

    Sufficient moisture is an essential component of an intact skin barrier. Oily skin can also lack moisture (dehydrate). Dry skin usually prefers rich creams, while oily skin often needs a light gel.

  • Sun protection

    The WHO recommends sun protection with a UV index of 3 or more to prevent sunburn and skin cancer. In addition, sun protection has many advantages in everyday life. The most important criterion is a pleasant feeling on the skin. Because the best SPF is the one you like to wear regularly.

When which product?

Morning: sun protection

In the evening: mild cleansing & moisturizing

Everything else is optional. Try out whether it feels even better for your skin, for example by additionally cleansing in the morning and/or wearing a cream under sun protection. In addition, other products (e.g. a serum) can be used to specifically address personal skin needs. SKINGINEERED already has products in development for this!

Application UVA booster

Every morning as the last step before make-up.

If exposed to the sun, apply at least one full pump to the face. The stroke volume is 0.8 ml.

Normal to oily skin: The UVA booster can be used as a standalone product in the morning.

Dry skin: We recommend applying a moisturizer before using the UVA booster.

Dehydrated skin: We recommend applying a moisturizing serum before the UVA booster.

Example routine: 1. Cleanser 2. Toner 3. Vitamin C serum 4. UVA booster

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