Warum UVA-Booster?

The founder and cosmetic scientist Ying ( @die_skingenieurin ) has been intensively involved in skin care for more than 10 years now. In addition to make-up, a whole new world of beauty opened up when she learned from her own skin that skin care doesn't just have to be empty marketing promises, but that certain active ingredients have been scientifically proven to support skin satisfaction and improve the appearance.

Meet the Founder

Our favorite category in skin care is sun protection (SPF = Sun Protection Factor). In recent years, wearing sunscreen as a day cream every day has become increasingly common. There are several reasons for this:

  • Sun protection is the most effective prevention against premature skin aging (photo-aging)
  • It protects against the formation of pigment spots, pimple marks, etc.
  • UV radiation is a common trigger for skin blemishes
  • The risk of sunburn and skin cancer is reduced
  • It's a challenge to find the best wool milk SPF

The last point is exciting and frustrating at the same time. According to our observation, there are two weaknesses in the current sun protection market:

  • Too heavy textures due to the oil-soluble nature of sunscreen filters, which is an aversion for many sunscreen beginners
  • Relatively low UVA protection
UVA Licht

What is UVA protection?

While the stated protection factor of a sunscreen refers to UVB protection, UVA protection is not specifically stated. UVB rays are primarily the cause of sunburn and skin cancer. These are most present in summer, at midday, in direct sunlight. However, UVA protection is also important for daily wear and slowing down skin aging. This is identified, for example, by the UVA seal in the EU or PA++++ in Asia. However, both of these only indicate UVA protection of >1/3 with an SPF 50.

The desire for a product with an elegant texture and UVA protection is the starting point for the “UVA Booster” project . A refreshing day cream for slowest aging that you look forward to every morning.

You can now find the result of this journey in the shop!